by Marcus Dino

"Fulfill your destiny Fifi, as you wander through the WILDERNESS," Goth my Spirit guide tells me with a slight tinge of a British accent. I'm still trying to fulfill my destiny Goth of being a rich and famous actress. But is that my destiny?
As you all know from Fifi and Diary of a Mad Gen Yer I'm Fifi and while at times I can be leafy I'm not the least bit beefy. OK, now let me introduce you to my 3rd book, Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul. Now Practical Advice...while it does have a section in 'My silly blogs' where you get actual advice from 2 incredibly 'evolved souls' who happen to be my spirit guides Au and Goth, the main focus of this book is, as was the focus of Fifi and Diary, is my life.

Author Marcus Dino has always wanted to be a fiction writer as long as he can remember. Living in Southern California plus his extended knowledge of the Hollywood film community has led him to write stories dealing with the struggles and conquests of heroic up and coming Hollywood actress Cheryl 'Fifi' Larouche.

Dino is a member of Member Independent Writers of Southern California. 

Earned his Bachelors Degree at Chapman University, his Masters Degrees (Engineering) at West Coast University; a Masters Degree (Education) at National University. 

Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul

Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul by Marcus Dino is one of the most delightful reads I’ve had in a long time. It is a bit hard to classify as it could be intended for Young Adults, but would probably be a good read for anyone from the middle grades through adult age ranges. The main character is a creative and imaginative twenty-five-year-old actress named “Fifi” Larouche. Fifi, whose real name is Cheryl though you’d best not call her that, is working as a waitress at “a greasy spoon diner” while waiting for her big break. 

I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed  by Marcus Dino. If you read only one book for pure fun this summer it should be Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul.
Tracy Riva
Professional Book Reviewer
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Marcus Dino has an amazing ability to create characters. You will not finish this book without laughing a dozen times. This book tells the thoughts, adventures, ideas and even advice of Fifi Larouche. Fifi is such an amazing woman, book character. She is an actress working as a waitress. This book is narrated by her. I found it hard to put down. She offers advice on job searching, foreign films and religion. She is never afraid to share her views or assert herself. I love when she is transported back to a World War II day and encounters a movie star that calls her “honey” and asks her to serve doughnuts. She tells him. 

This may be Fifi’s story but Dino’s other characters add to the humor, especially Fifi’s boyfriend and her father. They often try to tell Fifi what to do, with hilarious, though unsuccessful results. 

You won’t be disappointed by this book! 

~Jennifer Savell (Reader)


Fifi is a free spirit who confronts life in a unique and extraordinary way. Through Fifi’s thoughts and writings, the idiosyncrasies and hypocrisies of the world are revealed in a comical and sometimes serious way. Her reactions are unconventional and provide not only an entertaining assessment of life, but also some serious and thoughtful reflections. As a Gen Y Er, Fifi shares not only comical observations, but also more serious observations such as her father’s opinion that she is wasting her life trying to become an actress, as well as society’s pressures on Gen Y Ers to conform. Through her experiences and relationships with a wide variety of characters, Fifi shares her outlook on such issues as religion, the future of the planet and its resources, and the function of the brain and how it processes information resulting in how we respond by either through emotion or logical reasoning. One fascinating and unique way of looking at the human body is when Fifi travels into the human body where a discussion with Alocki takes places regarding the affects of unhealthy foods and other contaminants on the body. 

‘Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul’ is an entertaining and fun read that will engage the reader from start to end. It is highly recommend to readers of all ages who enjoy quirky characters who share a unique and comical perspective on life. 

~Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services 


There is quite an imagination and creativity shown here by Marcus Dino creation of characters. This is a collection of short writings, adventures, random thoughts and poems. The main person he writes about is “Fifi” which can be described as a struggling actress, trying out for each and every role she can think of in her mind. You take a trip on a time machine; since the thoughts flip back and forth from year to year…you never know what you’ll read next. For example, one day she’s a wench in a London bar and the next she’s listening to Jimmy Hendrix…you figure out the leap. One of the best lines states “One of my fellow gen yers says I’m interesting because I’m weird. Another says I’m weird because I’m interesting…I guess both reasoning’s make sense.” This would be a funny book to keep around on a table for a quick laugh.

~ Mary Stanhope (Reader) 
An excerpt from DIARY OF A MAD GEN Y ER:

"I'm rubbing my shoes. I’m rubbing my shoes. I’m rubbing my shoes and the next thing I know I’m wearing this colorful, old-fashioned looking dress and black shiny high heels. I’ve got my hair all put up in a bun and I’m in this beautiful night club. I see all these nicely dressed ladies entertaining handsome young soldiers and sailors. There’s this big band playing such beautiful songs. The girls are serving the GI’s coffee and sandwiches and all kinds of goodies and they’re also dancing with them. 

The next thing I know, omigosh, I see a fella I recognize as a big name actor from the 40s all dressed up in a nice suit and tie. We’ll just call him John. He comes up to me and says, “Shake a leg honey. Grab that tray of doughnuts. The boys are hungry.” 

Well he may have been a big name 40s star but I don't care, the nerve of the man talking to me like that.  

“Excuse me, my name is Fifi, not ‘Honey.’ I have no idea where we're at, but you sound like you should be in the Neanderthal exhibit at the local museum of natural history. You may be a big shot movie star, but I will not be addressed in such a demeaning way.” 

John looked at me and chuckled. “You got a lotta spunk in ya kid. All right I didn't mean to be so crude? Will you please, Fifi, serve the soldiers these doughnuts? Fifi huh? Just the like the French poodle. I knew a gal whose name was Fifi a few years back. A French girl, a cute little actress, I don't know what happened to her. She went back to France a few years ago and of course I hope she's okay. You know with the occupation just ending.” 

“The occupation? Omigosh are you talking about the German occupation of France? So I’ve gone back to World War 2? What day is today?” 

John gave me a curious grin. “Are you okay kid? Maybe you've been out in the sun too long. Of course we're talking about World War 2. What other war is going on right now? It's Dec. 7, 1944, the third anniversary of Pearl Harbor.” 

Practical Advice from an Evolved Soul